My markers are not showing on my map on my website

If your markers are not showing on your map on the front-end of your site, please follow these steps:


Step 1: Flush/Empty/Delete/Clear your Cache

If you are using a caching plugin, please ensure you have flushed your cache after any changes you make to your markers or maps.

If you are using the CDN option on your caching plugin, please ensure that XML files are excluded from the CDN.

W3 Total Cache instructions

  • Click on “Performance” in your left navigation once logged in
  • Select “CDN”
  • Scroll down to “Advanced”
  • Ensure that “{uploads_dir}/wp-google-maps*” appears in the “Rejected files” list. Example below:



Step 2: Confirm that your MARKER XML DIR and MARKER XML URL fields are correct

Please navigate to the “Maps->Settings” page in your left navigation within your wp-admin area. Scroll down until you see the “Marker XML Dir” and “Marker XML URL” fields. If there is a problem with these fields, a red note should appear alongside the field highlighting the issue.

These are the most common issues:

  • The Marker XML Directory is incorrect. This is normally the case when you move your site from a staging environment to a live environment. Please update this to the “Suggested Directory” supplied. Please also ensure that the directory has a trailing forward slash at the end.
  • The Marker XML Directory is not writable. Please make use of an FTP client to navigate to the directory and ensure you assign file permissions of 755 (or 777 as a last resort) to the directory (ensure you include all files and subfolders within that directory).
  • The Marker XML URL is incorrect. This is normally the case when you move your site from a staging environment to a live environment.


Step 3: Are you running on HTTPS?

If your site is running in mixed HTTPS mode, your browser may reject the XML markers that are being pulled in via HTTP (non-SSL). The solution is to make sure your “Marker Data XML URL:” is an HTTPS address to the web location of your markers. This can be changed by clicking “Maps” in your left navigation, and then clicking on “Settings”.

If your markers are still not showing on the map, please contact us and we’ll get it sorted out as soon as humanly possible.