Store Locator

The Store Locator functionality makes it easy for you to allow users to search for stores, branches, products or offices near a certain ZIP code or address.

Currently, the following options are available:

  • Enable Store Locator- this enables or disables the store locator for the map.
  • Restrict to country-restrict which country the store locator can search in.
  • Show distance in- show the distance in miles or kilometers.
  • Allow category selection- allow or disallow selection between different categories of markers for display and search.
  • Show bouncing icon- show or hide the bouncing animation on markers.
  • Hide all markers until a search is done- hides the markers on the map until the search is complete.
  • Query string- search by address or by ZIP code.
  • Enable Title search- enable or disable searching by marker title.
  • Title Search String- change whether to search by marker title or description
  • Style Options- style the store locator.